Shipping Information

Our focus is to get our products to you as fast as possible and to keep them well chilled during this time. To this end, we require a minimum purchase of $75.00 (before shipping), to ensure that there is enough bulk in the products to help assist with this.

Shipping is divided into 3 zones - Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3. We ship with Fedex Ground who deliver Monday through Friday only. The prices for delivery, are a flat rate - Zone 1 - $13.50,  Zone 2 - $15.75  and  Zone 3 - $17.75.

Generally speaking, Fedex is able to deliver to Zone 1 and 2 in one (1) Business day. Zone 3 should take two (2) business days. The zones will show up when you order, but basically, the areas further away (Alberta and areas in BC past Kelowna) are zone 3.

Usually, orders for Zones 1 & 2 will be shipped out on Wednesdays. Orders need to be placed by Monday 10 pm latest for delivery that week - any order that is placed after Monday 10 pm for Zone 1 & 2 (unless prior arrangements have been made), will be sent the following week.

  Orders for Zone 3 will be shipped out on Tuesdays. Orders need to be placed by Sunday 10 pm latest for delivery that week  - any order which is placed after Sunday 10 pm, will be sent the following week.

If possible, if no-one is expected to be home to receive a delivery, please try and provide a business address to be delivered to or note that the parcel can be picked up at a Fedex office. 

It is very important that the products are placed in a freezer as soon as possible after delivery.

Every precaution will be taken to ensure that the products remain frozen, but if there is defrosting of products (this is normal), they can be re-frozen without any adverse effects to quality, as long as the products have remained chilled.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions regarding your orders.

POSTAL CODES OF AREAS THAT WE ARE CURRENTLY ABLE TO SHIP TO (if you do not see your postal here, or are unable to process the order with the message that we are unable to deliver to that area - please contact us, as occasionally areas have been missed in the system) 

Postal Codes

BC Areas               

V0D – V0H


V1D – V1J

V1S – V2O

V2P – V4S

V4T – V4V

V4W – V7Z

V8A – V8F

V8G – V8J

V8K – V9Z


T0L –  T0M

T1A - T6Z

T8A – T8D

T8H – T8U

T9A – T9F