About Us

Dale Norton &
Alan Whitlam

Bake My Day was born from Dale's love of cooking and baking. Over the years, she has had opportunities to hone her cooking skills by catering for lodges in South Africa and on Vancouver Island. While working in an office but longing to pursue her baking passion, her friends and her husband Alan encouraged her to try selling a few of her best baked goods at farmer's markets. While at the markets she realized how many people were looking for affordable great-tasting gluten-free products. That motivated her to move from traditional to gluten-free baking and Bake My Day Gluten-Free was created in December of 2012.   

After much trial and error, she created the perfect blend for her custom flour and began working on developing her own unique tart fillings. Once she was satisfied that she had a product that she could be proud to put her name on, she forged ahead.  Alan joined her during the first year and they have been working as a team since then. They continued to expand their collection of products, now offering Puff Pastry, Short Crust Pastry, a variety of Ready-to-Bake items as well as their well-known 'Thaw & Serve' Tarts. Many of their products are dairy-free or egg free, so there are products available for those who are looking for those options.

Bake My Day is lucky to have a wonderful crew of happy, dedicated staff  - all of them working together to create outstanding handcrafted pastry-based goodies. They have expanded into e-commerce and are currently working with Fedex and now able to offer their products delivered right to your door, for you to enjoy! 


At Bake My Day our motto is: