Victoria/ Sidney deliveries during June through September 2024.


We will be participating in the Sidney Street Market for the months from June to September, so during those months, we will not be doing the usual Sidney deliveries. Depending on demand, we will schedule deliveries as we go. Please contact us directly to make enquiries.

As always, how this works, is that you (the customer) contact us with your order, either through email (, through the 'contact us' page on our website, or Facebook messenger with details of your order, your address and your contact number. We will confirm with you and provide a total, which can then be e-transferred to us. ( All available products can be seen on the website)
The cut-off for ordering is Wednesday 17th April, 9 am.
We then contact everyone, by either Thursday night (18th) or Friday morning (19th) confirming details of your pick-up point and an approximate time that we hope to drop your order off at the point nearest you. (delivery Saturday 20th April)

We do charge a nominal fee for the delivery..$5 + GST for Victoria deliveries/drop-offs and $8 = GST for Sidney. If we are unable to match you up with a pick-up point near you and have to do a home delivery, there will be a charge of $10 + GST